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Telephone Service Process

We offer a telephone service so if you would prefer to speak to one of our qualified Lasting Power of Attorney specialists to complete your registration forms then you can call us on 01673 885248 or arrange for a call back by leaving your details in the telephone service contact box.

When using our telephone service  the information you will need to have available for our interview will be the name, address and date of birth of your chosen Attorneys, Replacement Attorneys, your certificate advisor and any people who you wish to be made aware of your application who are not named above.

A member of our team will then go through the registration form with you and complete the registration form over the phone.  When going through the form we will provide you with the information needed to complete the form and also give you an explanation as to why this information is needed.

Once your registration form is complete we will post you a copy of your Lasting Power of Attorney registration form.  You will also receive guidance notes from us to give you information on what you need to do next to get your Lasting Power of Attorney registered.  Our guidance notes will give you information on where your form needs to be signed and witnessed.

If you have asked for people to be notified of your intention to register your Lasting Power of Attorney we will write to each of your nominated people and provide them with the details of your wish to register your Lasting Power of Attorney.

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