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Online Questionnaire Process

We offer an online questionnaire for both the Health & Welfare and the Property & Finance Lasting Power of Attorneys will provide you with a fully completed Lasting Power of Attorney registration form.

When using our online questionnaire to produce your registration form you will need to set up an account, once your account is set up you are able to start your questionnaire.

Get Started

During the completion of your questionnaire there are guidance notes available on each page to help you understand what information is required and what you need to do to complete each section.

Our online chat will also be available for you to ask us any questions during the day the online chat is available Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Once your completed form is available to download and print we will provide you with our guidance notes which will give you information on where your form needs to be signed and witnessed.

If you have asked for people to be notified of your intention to register your Lasting Power of Attorney you will also be able to download and print a letter to your nominated person and the relevant forms that need to be sent to them so they can be informed of the application.

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