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Our Service

At ECL we are able to help you through the court process and complete all the necessary forms for you, a brief outline of our process is shown below.

  1. We will complete the first batch of applications form for you; this will include all of the information that the court requires to start the deputyship application process.  The first batch of information will include details about the potential deputies, financial and medical information.  Using this information, the Court of Protection will make an assessment on the suitability of the potential deputy/deputies.
  2. Once we have completed the forms, we will send them to you for checking and signing.  All of the proposed deputies will be required to ensure the forms are signed and the information on the forms are accurate. One of the forms will also need to be completed by the donor’s medical practitioner or social worker.  This is vital as without this form the court of protection will not process the case.
  3. Once the forms are signed and the medical part of the form is completed you send all the forms back to us along with the Court of Protections Application fee of £371.00 and we will check the forms and send them to the Court of Protection for processing.
  4. The Court of Protection will then write to you directly with details of any further paperwork that is needed or to provide notification to other family members or friends.  When you receive any letters the please forward it on to ourselves and we will complete any requested forms for you as well as notifying any other family members that need to be aware of the application.
  5. The notification letters or subsequent forms are then sent to the Court of Protection and they will then advise you once the application is complete.   
  6. If any further paperwork is required then we will be able to complete this for you.

We can offer the above service for £495.00.



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